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Looking for a little bit of help from the community? Did something happen to your family that flipped your life upside down? Are you or someone you know facing a hardship?


We want to help you connect with the community and other listeners - Share information such as your GoFundMe page, fundraising information, non-profit volunteer requests, or simply to ask for a helping hand.


You may be surprised to find out how many people in our community truly care.


**If you're asking for help via a GoFundMe or similiar page, you must provide a direct link to the page for your request to be published.**


Have an event coming up? Please submit events to the EVENT CALENDAR instead of using this form.



Community Request - I have a homeless man named Nelson who travels with his dog Jessica. Nelson is usually seen on Main Street in Elkhart hanging around a gas station.... He had NEVER asked for anything for himself. It's ALWAYS for Jessica. She's a 4 year old border collie. I visit them at least twice a week and I always have somth for Jessica. She eats pedigree hard food & Nelson mixes her food with Wet pedigree grounded meat. I'm looking for anyone willing to help with Jessica and making sure she has food, water, and someth mice to lay on when she's out. The heat will get hotter as we go into the summer and I'd like to see Jessica be well taken care of. She is such a lovi and loyal girl. She deserves the world and Nelson tries his hardest to give it to her.


Community Request - I am a single mother of two beautiful kids. I have prided myself on never having to ask for help on anything. I’m the type that despite my own struggles I would bend over backwards to help others. I have recently suffered the loss of my father which is a shock in itself but as a result I slipped into a bout of depression. Consequently losing my job and the only income that I had coming in to take care of my kids. I just recently started working again but unfortunately am in a bit of a hole now from now being able to pay my bills. I am asking for any help to at least get my rent current so I don’t lose my place. I can be reached via email if there’s any one willing to help or knows someone that can help. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Community Request -

Devoted dad after 2 years of in and out of doctors found out had fibrosis infection in his back. Need donations for medical expenses, travel, and medications for a non hodkins lymphoma.


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