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Brick/Cement Porch Repair Help

First Name - Michelle
Last Name - de Leon
Email Address -

Community Request - I'm not looking for free help. What I am looking for is honest help. I have been trying to find someone local to help repair a brick/cement porch for the last couple of years and there seems to be no honest and reliable help anywhere. I know there is only a very small window remaining this year to have this taken care of but all I need is a honest, willing , reliable, and knowledgeable person to hire that will work hard and finish the job.

Struggling to keep home

First Name - Sarah
Last Name - Donath
Email Address -
Phone - 5743027386
Community Request – Hi, my name is Sarah. My family and I are currently struggling to keep our house. My dad’s health isn't very good and he is retired. My mom is disabled and currently in the hospital with kidney failure. She has been through 17 surgeries and isn't getting better. My mom and dad also took in their 15 year old niece whose parents lost custody of her. I have a 6 year old son and am a single mother working to provide but it just isn't enough. We are behind over $6000 on our home and they are getting ready to foreclose if we don't have the money soon. My grandma passed away a year ago on August 31, 2017 and ever since then we are struggling to provide our house payment because her income helped as well. Having help from our community would certainly be a blessing for my family and me.

Service dog needed for seizures


First Name - Samantha 
Last Name - Resendez
Email Address - 
Phone - 2482453436
Community Request - I am helping the Gonzalez family to raise money for a young man with autism. They are wanting to get him a service dog to help him with communication and to lead him to safety when he is experiencing a seizure. Please see the link above for more information. Thank you!

Need help after fire

First Name - C.J.
Last Name - Wigfall
Email Address -
Phone - 5749933014
Community Request - Shortly after the start of the year, my now ex-girlfriend and I parted ways. While it wasn't exactly an amicable split, I still think kindly of her and her children. Last month, they lost everything they owned to an apartment fire. Currently, they are residing with her mother until they get on their feet. The children (11, twin boys; 3, girl) are truly awesome and deserve the world. Their mom certainly does her best in giving it to them, but could use an assist. Her name is Wynona Dennis and can be reached at 574.343.0452. Thanks so much for your help.

Looking for a car

First Name - Andrés
Last Name - Mercado
Email Address -
Phone - 5745146970
Community Request - My wife and I need help buying and paying for a car. We are fairly poor with a son and I'm only a temporary worker with inconsistent income. Please if anyone can help, please reach back at me with the phone provided, thank you!! God bless! cell:(574-514-6970) or (574-404-2978 only if cell not available). Thank you so much!

Family help needed

First Name - Tonya
Last Name - Rose
Email Address -
Phone - 5746121596
Community Request - My boyfriend and I dated in high school and found each other again after 24 years. We have six children between us. We joke that we are the Brady Bunch. We got a place together a few months back and since things have gone downhill. His ex tried to keep his boys from him, his job continuously has less and less work, I changed jobs ( I like my new job and the people, but took a $3/hr pay cut)... we have gotten behind on bills and rent and are struggling and fear losing our place. Looking for help and any will be greatly appreciated :)

Critical, help needed

First Name - Hilary 
Last Name - Ruiz
Email Address -
Community Request - I am a 43 year old female that up to a month ago thought everything was fine! I have five kids in my household two of which are my nieces. I was admitted to the hospital on Aug 13 in critical state later to find out that I will need a liver transplant. I was DX with autoimmune hepatitis and referred to IU hospital to meet with physicians. They said based on my numbers that I am a candidate for liver transplant. Currently going through all the pre testing just to get on list. I have appointments that take me away from work and my family which hurts financially. Plus medical bills are starting to roll in. I am trying to raise $10,000 for bills and keep us ahead of things and maintain the house. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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