Toys For Tots
Knock one out of the park at the 8th Annual Toys for Tots Softball Tournament! 

A new event has been added: 
On November 1st, the first-ever "Armed Forces Battle for the Tots" will take place at 6 pm 
The Army, Marines, Airforce, and Navy will play a 5 inning game. It's a $5 donation to get in or bring a new unwrapped toy to watch the game. 
The Armed Forces Battle for the Tots is sponsored by Energy Efficient Replacement in Granger 

At 7:30 pm on Nov 1st, The Michiana Chrysler Home Run Derby will take place. 

(Men's)   Saturday, November 2nd        
(Co-ed)   Sunday, November 3rd        
Where:   Byers Softball Complex
1300 S. Mayflower Rd. 
South Bend, IN
Entry Fee:   $175 per tournament          
Rules:   1 strike, 1 swing, 3 pitch MAX        
  Unlimited HOME RUNS          
  Hit your own ball (ASA 52/300)        


  No altering of the rules          
  Co-ed Rules apply in addition to the tournament rules for the co-ed tournament    


Co-ed teams should be comprised of 5 men and 5 women      
  Co-ed will use the weave rule if a team does not have enough women    
  MINIMUM of 4 women to play in this instance, pitcher and catcher must be male.        
Pickups:   Pickups have always been allowed so that no one has to forfeit. PLEASE, do not take advantage of this rule.      

ONLY 9 is needed to play; if you have 8, you should only pick up one player. 

  Pickups should be brought to Mike Curry or the designated director BEFORE the start of the game.      
Run Rules:   25 after 3 innings          
  20 after 4 innings          
  15 after 5 innings          
  Rules for the 1 strike, 1 swing, 3 pitch MAX:        
  Mats will be used behind the plates. If any of the 3 pitches hits     
  the mat and the batter doesn't swing, the batter is out. If no       
  pitch hits the mat and the batter doesn't swing, it's a walk. Foul     
  balls are outs. A 6' to 10' arc will be used.       

ILLEGAL PITCHES MUST BE CALLED BY THE BATTER BEFORE THE BALL REACHES THE PLATE, not after it has hit the mat. This is the batter's responsibility. Police your own games.


Remember, this is for fun and charity. 

  UMPIRES may be provided for the Championship rounds.      
Drinking:   Everybody did a great job last year! Thank you. Please keep it in the parking lot, if you can't make it through a game, please keep it out of sight and in another container. Being able to use the Complex is a huge blessing for this tournament and we don't want to ruin it.      
Prize Packages:   1st Place: $75 gift card and 100 free Wings from Wings Etc.     
  Sponsor trophy to keep as well as having their team       
  name added to the permanent trophy kept on display       
  at Wings Etc.          
  2nd Place: $75 gift card for Wings Etc.         
  3rd Place: $50 gift card for Wings Etc.         
  ALL PARTICIPANTS in the tournament will receive $5       
  in Wings Cash.          

Tournament jerseys will be available for $20 for Sm.-XL, $23 for 2X, $24 for 3X. Sweatshirts are $40 for all sizes. However, there will only be a limited supply of sweatshirts available at the field. If you wish to pre-order a sweatshirt to guarantee you get one, please call, text, or message Wings Etc Softball. 574-315-5082

Please remember the sweatshirts run a size small. If you prefer a cotton sweatshirt vs. the dry-fit, please specify when ordering. 
All proceeds go to the Marine Corp. Toys for Tots charity.        
For tournament information or to enter, please call or text Mike Curry at 574-315-5082 or fill out the entry form below.


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