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Clint Marsh
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Community Cares

Single Mother in Need

First Name - Cynthia 
Last Name - Fisher
Email Address -
Phone - 574-575-8190

Community Request - I responded to a add on craigslist and helped a single mother of 6 with dishes. Once I met the family it was evident they are in great need of clothing, a electric stove, microwave and other household items. The mother fled her home with her children to escape the abusive father. It took a week before he was arrested and the family to return home. When they returned the father destroyed everything they owned. I don't know this lady but I saw a great need to help her recover from this useless destruction he brought upon the family. Please help, absolutely everything is needed even food. You can email or text 574-575-8190 for more information. 

GET INVOLVED: Suicide Prevention Walk

First Name - Stephen
Last Name - Gray
Email Address -
Phone - 5743228597

Community Request - The first suicide prevention walk is underway for 2019.Suicide prevention starts with everyday heroes like you. Join us on Saturday, Sept 7, 2019 at OxBow County Park in Goshen as we walk to fight suicide and raise awareness about mental health. Be a part of the movement turning hope into action, and create a culture that's smart about mental health. Funds raised at the walks will benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. We need sponsors, donors, and volunteers. To sponsor, donate, participate in the walk, and/or volunteer, please visit

Financial help needed ASAP

First Name - Mary
Last Name - Buwa
Email Address -
Phone - 5743602034

Community Request - I am not one to ask for help but usually the one helping. Since my best friend and roommate passed away and with the holidays, work has been slow and I've been unable to cover all the bills. Both, the electric and gas are due to be shut off this week (electric the 19th ($403.90) and gas ($167.80) the 21st) as I was only able to pay $23.83 towards the $403.93 electric bill. I make just over the income level for the assistant programs and no help available there. I don't have many options as far as friends or family either and that is why I'm asking for help here. Any help at all is appreciated. 

Raising money for Riley's Children Hospital

First Name - Grant
Last Name - Kercher
Email Address -
Phone - 574-535-4222
Community Request - So I am working with the Saint Mary's Dance Marathon Team and we are working to raise money for the Riley's Children Hospital down in Indianapolis and we are looking for corporate sponsors and wondering if you guys would be willing to considering donating. 

Softball Sponsors Needed

First Name - Patrice
Last Name - Velasquez
Email Address -
Phone - 5743477985

Community Request - Looking for sponsers for Michiana Elite girls Softball team. This program gives young girls a chance to show their skills and travel to play against other divisions. It shows them how to put in hardwork, work as a team, and strive to be better. 

Need help, kid in hospital

First Name - Nancy
Last Name - Jessie
Email Address -
Phone - 5743181793
Community Request - My son Lonnie Dean is in the hospital at Beacon Children's Hospital, we have been here 14 days. His illness came at a time that me, as a single mother, was already struggling to pay bills and put food on the table. Now I cannot work bc I am here 22 hours out of the days. I leave to take my 16 yr old son to school and leave to pick him up from school. All my focus is getting Lonnie Dean better because he is fighting for his life .came in with a cough and fever and now his body is septic, full of bacteria. He has had one surgery to remove bacteria from his right hip. Doctor's are baffled by his illness. If there is anyone out there that can help I'll take it. If you have any questions you can call me 5743181793 Thank you Nancy "Beth" Jessie

Brick/Cement Porch Repair Help

First Name - Michelle
Last Name - de Leon
Email Address -

Community Request - I'm not looking for free help. What I am looking for is honest help. I have been trying to find someone local to help repair a brick/cement porch for the last couple of years and there seems to be no honest and reliable help anywhere. I know there is only a very small window remaining this year to have this taken care of but all I need is a honest, willing , reliable, and knowledgeable person to hire that will work hard and finish the job.


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