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Kelly Osbourne has a new memoir!

Kelly Osbourne is set to release her very own book on April 25th titled "There Is No F****** Secret : Letters from a badass bitch". It gives a first hand look into the life of Kelly Osbourne. She's quoted in an interview saying "The book isn't just a memoir. They're letters to the people, places, situations, circumstances, things I've been through, to make me who I am, so people stop asking me what my secret is, and hopefully with me going through what I went through in my life and sharing what I've learned can help other people. It's okay to be different." It sounds like an amazing book, I can't wait to read it. How about you?

New album for StoneSour!

StoneSour has finally gotten back in the studio to begin recording their sixth studio album with a Summer 2017 release date! So far, they've written 18 songs in preperation. This will be the first album with new bassist Johny Chow and new guitar player Christian Martucci. I know I can't wait for this album! How about you?

Hey check out this amazing cover!!


Look What We Got Today!

We got our first ever shipment of t-shirts today! Listen in at 2p for The Big Tease for your chance to win one of these gorgeous bad boys!

National Fruitcake Day!

Fruitcake is THE most re-gifted Christmas gift you can ever recieve! So, odds are if you've gotten one for Christmas, it was given to them by someone else! Either's National Fruitcake Day for a re-gift the one you got and keep the tradition alive! 

Metallica Promises Tour!

Metallica has not done a full-length US in more than seven years! However, in 2017, they promise to break the dry streak! The band is REALLY excited to bring all of their new stuff to their fans! Are you going to go to the tour next year? 

National Hard Candy Day!

Today is National Hard Candy Day! I on the other hand, do not like hard candy....So I got a bag of Life Savers Gummies to celebrate! Are you going to partake?!

Surprise! Metallica!

Yesterday, Metallica treated their fans to an improptu performance of Enter Sandman at a Hollywood Supermarket! They even had a little speaker in a cart to provide music. How cool would that have been to see?!

Creepiest Non-Paranormal Stuff....

So...I just read an article about the creepiest non-paranormal experiences people have had. A lady in New Jersey had a phone call to her house at 2:45 EVERY DAY for a month. The person...or thing...on the other end of the phone would just growl and hiss. Have you ever had anything like this happen to you?

Wedding bells are ringing for Ozzy and Sharon!

Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon are renewing their wedding vows this year! Ozzy was found to be having an affair with multiple women this year, and at first, it didn't seem like they were going to make it. Ozzy went through marriage counseling with Sharon, and entered a rehab for sex addiction. Sharon recently said that Ozzy asked her to renew their wedding vows, and she happily agreed, saying that's all she wants for Christmas this year. If you were in Sharon's position with all of the drinking problems and infidelity, would you work it out with your partner? 

I can't make this up...

Alright...I CANNOT make this up...Today is National Take It In The Ear Day....I have NO idea what that means, but I'm going to let you draw your own conclusions...

What do you collect?

So as it gets closer to Christmas and my family is asking what I'd like...I realized...I'm a 28 year old child! And by that I mean...I asked for TOYS! Not just any toys, though. Action figures, haha. I collect them. Do you collect anything?

Put On Your Own Shoes Day...I can't make this up...

Today is National Put On Your Own Shoes Day...and no....I didn't just make that up. Personally...I put my own shoes on every morning, but for those that don', you must! :-P

International Ninja Day!

Today is International Ninja Day! So....go get all black clothes, and use your best ninja skills to scare someone ;-)

New Album!

Metallica just released their 13th album called Hardwired...To Self Destruct. What Legendary Rock band or artist would you like to see come out with a new album?


Today is National Start Your Own Country Day! Go take over your yard, a field, or anything you want and start over! (I'm kidding, guys...)

National False Confession Day...or is it?!

Today, November 21st, is National False Confession Day. Or is it...? Nah, it really is. Go have some fun confessing things you didn't do! But...don't confess to murdering someone or cheating...that'll just end up bad for everyone.

If you have road rage...

If you have road would be the day to try to keep it in check! It's the International Day for Tolerence! Who am I kidding...I can't keep my tolerence in check...I get road rage walking behind people at the supermarket!

Clean out your fridge!

Today is National Clean Out Your Fridge Day! Go get all the nasty tupperware bowls that have been hanging out in the back of your fridge since last Thanksgiving, and pitch them! 


Well I'm excited about today! It's National Pickle Day! Myself, I can sit with a jar of Dill Pickles and eat them while watching tv! Go grab a jar tonight and celebrate today!

It's Veteran's Day!

Today is November 11th, which is Veteran's Day! Thank you to every single person who has served our country, past and present! you want to impress someone?!

A recent survey showed that nearly half of women have admitted to wearing red lipstick to impress someone in their office. I feel like other colors are left out. Why can't pink be impressive, too?! Am I right?!

Embrace the Crazy!

Today is national Chaos Never Dies Day! It's a day to recognize all the crazy in your life. Be it, a chaotic work schedule, chaotic school schedule, or anything else crazy in your life! Chaos is a way of life, and without it, it would be boring! Take a breath, and embrace the crazy happening in your life today!

14 Greatest Fictional Presidents from Television and Film


Hey this is Ashley, last night I was watching House Of Cards on Netflix and I must say, I am a huge fan of the show.


So many movies and TV shows involve national or political storylines, and that requires a presidential figure. Whether they're inspirational, conniving, or clueless, here's a look at 14 of your favorite fictional presidents.


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