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Legendary Rock 500

The Legendary Rock 500 is driven by Bimbo BakeriesFrazier Motorsports in South Bend, and Ziebart of Elkhart. Over Memorial Day weekend, we counted down our Top 500 Legendary Rock songs of all time. We've tallied your votes, and here's full top 500 playlist:


500   Ac/Dc                The Jack                  
499   Sammy Hagar          Three Lock Box            
498   Foreigner            Head Games                
497   Bad Company          Burnin Sky                
496   Blackfoot            Train Train
495   Aerosmith            Same Old Song & Dance (Liv
494   Ac/Dc                Who Made Who              
493   Eric Clapton         Blues Power               
492   Dire Straits         Skateway                  
491   Ac/Dc                Rock N'Roll Train         
490   Talking Heads        Burning Down The House    
489   Romantics            What I Like About You     
488   U2                   Where The Streets Have No 
487   Rolling Stones       19Th Nervous Breakdown    
486   Queensryche          Silent Lucidity           
485   Billy Squier         In The Dark               
484   Motley Crue          Same Ol' Situation        
483   Judas Priest         You'Ve Got Another Thing  
482   Def Leppard          Rocket                    
481   Crosby Stills & Nash Long Time Gone            
480   Bruce Springsteen    Rosalita (Come Out Tonight
479   R.E.M.               It'S The End Of The World 
478   Blind Melon          No Rain                   
477   The Doors            Break On Through          
476   Jimi Hendrix         Stone Free                
475   Led Zeppelin         The Lemon Song            
474   The Black Crowes     Remedy                    
473   David Bowie          Golden Years              
472   Boston               Peace Of Mind             
471   Aerosmith            Last Child                
470   Bad Company          Shooting Star             
469   Georgia Sattelites   Keep Your Hands To Yoursel
468   Lynyrd Skynyrd       Ballad Of Curtis Loew     
467   Eric Clapton         After Midnight            
466   Deep Purple          Highway Star              
465   David Bowie          The Jean Genie            
464   Dio                  Rainbow In The Dark       
463   Bob Segar            Her Strut                 
462   Foreigner            Juke Box Hero             
461   Guns N' Roses        You Could Be Mine         
460   Ozzy Osbourne        Over The Mountain         
459   Allman Brothers      Midnight Rider            
458   Kenny Wayne Shepherd Blue On Black             
457   3 Doors Down         Loser                     
456   Rainbow              Man On The Silver Mountain
455   Days Of The New      Touch Peal & Stand
454   Pretenders           Middle Of The Road        
453   The Black Crowes     She Talks To Angels       
452   Live                 I Alone                   
451   Rush                 Time Stands Still         
450   Jimi Hendrix         Manic Depression          
449   Styx                 Too Much Time On My Hand  
448   Derek And The Domino Bell Bottom Blues         
447   The Black Crowes     Twice As Hard             
446   Smithereens          A Girl Like You           
445   Ac/Dc                Big Jack                  
444   Lynyrd Skynyrd       Simple Man                
443   Jet                  Cold Hard Bitch           
442   Black Sabbath        Sweet Leaf                
441   Pearl Jam            Elderly Woman Behind The C
440   Red Hot Chili Pepper Higher Ground             
439   Rolling Stones       She'S So Cold             
438   Cream                Strange Brew              
437   Def Leppard          Animal                    
436   Ozzy Osbourne        I Don'T Wanna Stop        
435   Scorpions            Winds Of Change           
434   Aerosmith            Back In The Saddle        
433   David Bowie          Fame                      
432   38 Special           Rockin' Into The Night    
431   Aerosmith            The Other Side            
430   Bryan Adams          Summer Of 69              
429   Metallica            King Nothing              
428   Zz Top               Waitin' For The Bus/Jesus 
427   Rolling Stones       Under My Thumb            
426   David Bowie          Modern Love               
425   Led Zeppelin         What Is And What Should Ne
424   Bruce Springsteen    Pink Cadilac              
423   Ramones              I Wanna Be Sedated        
422   Steppenwolf          Born To Be Wild           
421   Eric Clapton         Cocaine                   
420   Ozzy Osbourne        See You On The Other Side 
419   Skid Row             18 & Life                 
418   Bad Company          Silver Blue & Gold
417   Ac/Dc                Whole Lotta Rosie         
416   Aerosmith            Come Together             
415   Twisted Sister       I Wanna Rock              
414   Great White          Rock Me                   
413   The Clash            Train In Vain             
412   Fleetwood Mac        World Turning             
411   Motley Crue          Dr. Feelgood              
410   Collective Soul      The World I Know          
409   Cheap Trick          I Want You To Want Me     
408   Eagles               In The City               
407   Cars                 Let'S Go                  
406   Boston               Hitch A Ride              
405   Led Zeppelin         In The Evening            
404   Winger               Seventeen                 
403   Billy Squier         Everybody Wants You       
402   David Bowie          Changes                   
401   Aerosmith            Dude (Looks Like A Lady)  
400   Van Halen            Best Of Both Worlds       
399   Lynyrd Skynyrd       What'S Your Name?         
398   Van Halen            Everybody Wants Some!!    
397   Smashing Pumpkins    Today                     
396   The Black Crowes     Seeing Things             
395   Billy Squier         Lonely Is The Night       
394   Aerosmith            Love In An Elevator       
393   Green Day            Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
392   Lenny Kravitz        Are You Gonna Go My Way   
391   Rolling Stones       Can'T You Hear Me Knockin'
390   Styx                 Miss America              
389   Led Zeppelin         Nobody'S Fault But Mine   
388   Temple Of The Dog    Say Hello To Heaven       
387   Nirvana              About A Girl (Unplugged)  
386   Ozzy Osbourne        I Don'T Know              
385   Ratt                 Round & Round             
384   Bruce Springsteen    I'M On Fire               
383   Sammy Hagar          Heavy Metal               
382   Midnight Oil         Beds Are Burning          
381   Tesla                Signs                     
380   Led Zeppelin         When The Levee Breaks     
379   U2                   Bullet The Blue Sky       
378   Thin Lizzy           Jailbreak                 
377   Free                 All Right Now             
376   Jet                  Are You Gonna Be My Girl  
375   The Clash            Rock The Casbah           
374   Eddie Money          Baby Hold On              
373   Aerosmith            Janie'S Got A Gun         
372   Def Leppard          Armageddon It             
371   Todd Rundgren        Bang On The Drum All Day  
370   Alice In Chains      Would?                    
369   Eddie Money          Two Tickets To Paradise   
368   Led Zeppelin         Hey Hey What Can I Do?    
367   Boston               Don'T Look Back           
366   Red Hot Chili Pepper Give It Away              
365   Triumph              Lay It On The Line        
364   John Mellencamp      Crumblin' Down            
363   Van Halen            Ice Cream Man             
362   Ac/Dc                Moneytalks                
361   Nirvana              The Man Who Sold The World
360   Kiss                 Detroit Rock City         
359   Metallica            Welcome Home              
358   Rolling Stones       Get Off My Cloud          
357   Jimi Hendrix         Fire                      
356   Everclear            Santa Monica              
355   George Thorogood     I Drink Alone             
354   Doobie Brothers      China Grove               
353   Montrose             Bad Motor Scooter         
352   The Doors            Light My Fire             
351   Whitesnake           Here I Go Again           
350   Billy Squier         My Kinda Lover            
349   Stevie Ray Vaughan   The House Is Rockin'      
348   Aldo Nova            Fantasy                   
347   Lynyrd Skynyrd       Don'T Ask Me No Questions 
346   Ram Jam              Black Betty               
345   Van Halen            Panama                    
344   Styx                 Renegade                  
343   Deep Purple          Woman From Tokyo          
342   Aerosmith            Train Kept A Rollin'      
341   Cars                 You'Re All I'Ve Got Tonigh
340   Guns N' Roses        Civil War                 
339   Rolling Stones       Monkey Man                
338   John Mellencamp      Lonely Ol' Night          
337   Eagles               Already Gone              
336   George Thorogood     Who Do You Love           
335   Guns N' Roses        Mr. Brownstone            
334   Everlast             What Its Like             
333   Rush                 Limelight                 
332   Led Zeppelin         Trampled Underfoot        
331   The Cult             She Sells Sanctuary       
330   Steve Miller Band    The Joker                 
329   Great White          Once Bitten Twice Shy     
328   Counting Crows       Mr. Jones                 
327   Collective Soul      Shine                     
326   Lynyrd Skynyrd       Gimme Three Steps         
325   Sammy Hagar          I Can'T Drive 55          
324   Audioslave           Show Me How To Live       
323   Queen                Killer Queen              
322   The Black Crowes     Jealous Again             
321   Bruce Springsteen    Thunder Road              
320   Lynyrd Skynyrd       Call Me The Breeze        
319   Cream                White Room                
318   Who                  Going Mobile              
317   Pretenders           Brass In Pocket (I'M Speci
316   Foghat               I Just Want To Make Love T
315   Lynyrd Skynyrd       Gimme Back My Bullets     
314   George Thorogood     Move It On Over           
313   Motley Crue          Smokin' In The Boys Room  
312   Zz Top               Beer Drinkers & Hell Raise
311   Cheap Trick          Surrender                 
310   U2                   Beautiful Day             
309   Zz Top               Gimme All Your Lovin'     
308   Aerosmith            Livin' On The Edge        
307   Jimi Hendrix         Hey Joe                   
306   Pink Floyd           Welcome To The Machine    
305   Crosby Stills & Nash Woodstock                 
304   Ac/Dc                Girls Got Rhythm          
303   Default              Wasting My Time           
302   Temple Of The Dog    Hunger Strike             
301   Collective Soul      Gel                       
300   Tom Petty            Jammin' Me                
299   Phil Collins         I Don'T Care Anymore      
298   Pink Floyd           Learning To Fly           
297   Scorpions            The Zoo                   
296   Pink Floyd           On The Turning Away       
295   Tonic                If You Could Only See     
294 Tom Petty            Mary Jane'S Last Dance    
293 Rush                 Closer To The Heart       
292 Heart                Barracuda                 
291 3 Doors Down         Kryptonite                
290 The Clash            Should I Stay Or Should I 
289 Staind               Its Been A While          
288 Foo Fighters         Everlong                  
287 Smashing Pumpkins    1979
286 Neil Young           Southern Man              
285 Van Halen            Right Now                 
284 Rolling Stones       Doo Doo Doo Doo           
283 Bryan Adams          Cuts Like A Knife         
282 Cars                 Just What I Needed        
281 Motley Crue          Shout At The Devil        
280 The Black Crowes     Hard To Handle            
279 Led Zeppelin         The Song Remains The Same 
278 Queen                Keep Yourself Alive       
277 Pink Floyd           Speak To Me/Breathe/Run   
276 Lynyrd Skynyrd       Saturday Night Special    
275 Joe Walsh            Life'S Been Good          
274 Deep Purple          Smoke On The Water        
273 Bruce Springsteen    Tenth Ave. Freezeout      
272 Led Zeppelin         Dancing Days              
271 Cars                 My Best Friends Girl      
270 Bob Segar            Like A Rock               
269 Van Halen            I'Ll Wait                 
268 Rolling Stones       Beast Of Burden           
267 Ac/Dc                It'S A Long Way To The Top
266 Ozzy Osbourne        Shot In The Dark          
265 Live                 All Over You              
264 Kansas               Carry On Wayward Son      
263 Cream                Crossroads                
262 Live                 Lightning Crashes         
261 Led Zeppelin         Immigrant Song            
260 Journey              Wheel In The Sky          
259 Def Leppard          Hysteria                  
258 Loverboy             Working For The Weekend   
257 Styx                 Grand Illusion            
256 Def Leppard          Love Bites                
255 Audioslave           Be Yourself               
254 Van Halen            Ain'T Talkin' Bout Love   
253 Led Zeppelin         Good Times Bad Times      
252 David Bowie          Rebel Rebel               
251 Billy Squier         The Stroke                
250 Boston               Rock And Roll Band        
249 Bad Company          Feel Like Makin' Love     
248 Stone Temple Pilots  Vasoline                  
247 Bruce Springsteen    Glory Days                
246 38 Special           Hold On Loosely           
245 Boston               Feelin' Satisfied         
244 Pink Floyd           Wish You Were Here        
243 Tom Petty            Runnin' Down A Dream      
242 Beatles              Back In The U.S.S.R.      
241 Lynyrd Skynyrd       That Smell                
240 John Mellencamp      I Need A Lover            
239 Led Zeppelin         All My Love               
238 Rolling Stones       Gimme Shelter             
237 Molly Hatchet        Flirtin' With Disaster    
236 Boston               Foreplay/Long Time        
235 Audioslave           Doesn'T Remind Me         
234 Collective Soul      Heavy                     
233 Yes                  Owner Of A Lonely Heart   
232 Van Halen            Dancing In The Street     
231 Led Zeppelin         Going To California       
230 Jimi Hendrix         Foxey Lady                
229 The Doors            L.A. Woman                
228 Ozzy Osbourne        Time After Time           
227 Rolling Stones       Let'S Spend The Night Toge
226 Led Zeppelin         D'Yer Mak'Er              
225 Stevie Ray Vaughan   Crossfire                 
224 Def Leppard          Foolin'                   
223 Lynyrd Skynyrd       Tuesday'S Gone            
222 Zz Top               Got Me Under Pressure     
221 Thin Lizzy           The Boys Are Back In Town 
220 Boston               Smokin'                   
219 Bad Company          Rock And Roll Fantasy     
218 The Cult             Fire Woman                
217 Neil Young           Rockin' In The Free World 
216 Who                  We'Re Not Gonna Take It   
215 Foreigner            Double Vision             
214 Van Halen            And The Cradle Will Rock  
213 Bad Company          Can'T Get Enough          
212 Metallica            Wherever I May Roam       
211 Lenny Kravitz        American Woman            
210 David Bowie          Space Oddity              
209 Van Halen            Hot For Teacher           
208 Ozzy Osbourne        Bark At The Moon          
207 Rolling Stones       Shattered                 
206 Joe Walsh            Rocky Mountain Way        
205 Ac/Dc                Have A Drink On Me        
204 Bruce Springsteen    Born In The Usa           
203 Stone Temple Pilots  Big Empty                 
202 Van Halen            Beautiful Girls           
201 Bad Company          Movin' On                 
200 Heart                Magic Man                 
199 Foghat               Fool For The City         
198 Led Zeppelin         Kashmir                   
197 Ozzy Osbourne        No More Tears             
196 Guns N' Roses        Live And Let Die          
195 Quiet Riot           Cum On Feel The Noize     
194 Nirvana              All Apologies             
193 Red Rider            Lunatic Fringe            
192 Blue Oyster Cult     Burning For You           
191 Ac/Dc                Rock And Roll Ain'T Noise 
190 Black Sabbath        War Pigs/Luke'S Wall      
189 Foo Fighters         Monkey Wrench             
188 Billy Idol           Rebel Yell                
187 Blue Oyster Cult     Godzilla                  
186 George Thorogood     Bad To The Bone           
185 Guns N' Roses        Patience                  
184 U2                   I Still Haven'T Found What
183 Green Day            Time Of Your Life         
182 Led Zeppelin         Ocean                     
181 Rush                 Freewill                  
180 Rolling Stones       Paint It Black            
179 Autograph            Turn Up The Radio         
178 Boston               More Than A Feeling       
177 Nirvana              Lithium                   
176 Led Zeppelin         Houses Of The Holy        
175 Bush                 Comedown                  
174 Led Zeppelin         Communication Breakdown   
173 Def Leppard          Photograph                
172 Pink Floyd           Us And Them               
171 Eagles               Life In The Fast Lane     
170 Golden Earring       Radar Love                
169 Phil Collins         In The Air Tonight        
168 Zz Top               Pearl Necklace            
167 Led Zeppelin         Heartbreaker/Living Loving
166 David Bowie          Ziggy Stardust            
165 Heart                Crazy On You              
164 Bad Company          Good Lovin' Gone Bad      
163 Rolling Stones       Tumbling Dice             
162 Pink Floyd           Mother                    
161 Dire Straits         Money For Nothing         
160 Pearl Jam            Black                     
159 Pink Floyd           Hey You                   
158 Cage The Elephant    Ain'T No Rest For The Wicked
157 Led Zeppelin         Over The Hills And Far Awa
156 Sammy Hagar          There'S Only One Way To Rock
155 Led Zeppelin         Misty Mountain Hop        
154 Red Hot Chili Pepper Under The Bridge          
153 Derek And The Domino Layla                     
152 Bad Company          Bad Company               
151 Police               Roxanne                   
150 Ac/Dc                Hells Bells               
149 Living Colour        Cult Of Personality       
148 Pink Floyd           Run Like Hell             
147 Zz Top               La Grange                 
146 Def Leppard          Bringin' On A Heartbreak  
145 John Mellencamp      Rock In The Usa           
144 Beatles              Come Together             
143 Alice In Chains      No Excuses                
142 Tom Petty            You Wreck Me              
141 Lynyrd Skynyrd       Sweet Home Alabama        
140 Ac/Dc                Shoot To Thrill           
139 Pink Floyd           Brain Damage/Eclipse      
138 Rolling Stones       Sympathy For The Devil    
137 Motley Crue          Girls Girls Girls
136 Billy Idol           White Wedding             
135 Blue Oyster Cult     Don'T Fear The Reaper     
134 Green Day            When I Come Around        
133 Alice In Chains      Heaven Beside You         
132 Def Leppard          Rock Of Ages              
131 John Mellencamp      Pink Houses               
130 U2                   With Or Without You       
129 Metallica            The Unforgiven Ii         
128 Red Hot Chili Pepper Scar Tissue               
127 Foreigner            Hot Blooded               
126 Jimi Hendrix         Purple Haze               
125 Golden Earring       Twilight Zone             
124 Pink Floyd           Young Lust                
123 Red Hot Chili Pepper Otherside                 
122 Ozzy Osbourne        Mama I'M Coming Home      
121 Nazareth             Hair Of The Dog           
120 Led Zeppelin         Fool In The Rain          
119 Red Hot Chili Pepper Can'T Stop                
118 Judas Priest         Livin After Midnight      
117 Rush                 Subdivisions              
116 Rolling Stones       You Can'T Always Get What 
115 Dire Straits         Sultans Of Swing          
114 Scorpions            No One Like You           
113 Tom Petty            Even The Losers           
112 Bad Company          Rock Steady               
111 Zz Top               Cheap Sunglasses          
110 Van Halen            Why Can'T This Be Love    
109 Red Hot Chili Pepper Soul To Squeeze           
108 John Mellencamp      Hurts So Good             
107 U2                   Pride (In Name Of Love)   
106 Pink Floyd           Have A Cigar              
105 Twisted Sister       We'Re Not Gonna Take It   
104 Foo Fighters         The Pretender             
103 Who                  Baba O'Riley              
102 Rolling Stones       Honky Tonk Women          
101 Foghat               Slow Ride                 
100 Nirvana              In Bloom                  
99 Rush                 New World Man             
98 Pearl Jam            Jeremy                    
97 Tom Petty            You Got Lucky             
96 Ac/Dc                T.N.T.                    
95 Guns N' Roses        November Rain             
94 Foreigner            Feels Like The First Time 
93 Metallica            Turn The Page             
92 Pearl Jam            Daughter                  
91 Stevie Ray Vaughan   Pride And Joy             
90 Metallica            The Unforgiven            
89 Guns N' Roses        Knockin' On Heaven'S Door 
88 Tom Petty            Here Comes My Girl        
87 Pink Floyd           Time                      
86 Tom Petty            Free Fallin'              
85 Van Halen            Dance The Night Away      
84 Who                  Long Live Rock            
83 Ac/Dc                Thunderstruck             
82 Zz Top               Legs                      
81 Pearl Jam            Animal                    
80 Nirvana              Heart Shaped Box          
79 Kiss                 Rock And Roll All Night   
78 Rolling Stones       Brown Sugar               
77 Bon Jovi             Living On A Prayer        
76 Foo Fighters         Learning To Fly           
75 Tom Petty            The Waiting               
74 Bad Company          Ready For Love            
73 Metallica            The Memory Remains        
72 U2                   Sunday Bloody Sunday      
71 Aerosmith            Sweet Emotion             
70 Ac/Dc                Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
69 Jimi Hendrix         All Along The Watchtower  
68 Led Zeppelin         Dazed And Confused        
67 Scorpions            Rock You Like A Hurricane 
66 Tom Petty            Refugee                   
65 Queen                Fat Bottomed Girls        
64 Aerosmith            Walk This Way             
63 Bon Jovi             Wanted Dead Or Alive      
62 Van Halen            Dreams                    
61 Rush                 Tom Sawyer                


60 Alice In Chains      Rooster                   
59 Beastie Boys         You Gotta Fight           
58 Zz Top               Sharp Dressed Man         
57 Van Halen            Jamie'S Cryin'            
56 Metallica            Whiskey In The Jar        
55 Rolling Stones       Start Me Up               
54 Queen                Another One Bites The Dust
53 Led Zeppelin         Ramble On                 
52 Tom Petty            Breakdown                 
51 Ac/Dc                Back In Black             
50 Foo Fighters         Best Of You               
49 Van Halen            (Oh) Pretty Woman         
48 Ozzy Osbourne        Flying High Again         
47 Black Sabbath        Paranoid                  
46 Pearl Jam            Even Flow                 
45 Queen                Bohemian Rhapsody         
44 Zz Top               Tush                      
43 Pink Floyd           Money                     
42 Red Hot Chili Pepper Breaking The Girl         
41 U2                   New Year'S Day            
40 Rush                 Fly By Night              
39 Pearl Jam            Alive                     
38 Nirvana              Come As You Are           
37 Van Halen            Eruption/You Really Got Me
36 Pink Floyd           Comfortably Numb          
35 Def Leppard          Pour Some Sugar On Me     
34 Led Zeppelin         Whole Lotta Love          
33 Tom Petty            I Won'T Back Down         
32 White Stripes        Seven Nation Army         
31 Metallica            Nothing Else Matters      
30 Ac/Dc                For Those About To Rock   
29 Stone Temple Pilots  Plush                     
28 Pearl Jam            Dissident                 
27 Guns N' Roses        Paradise City             
26 Who                  Behind Blue Eyes          
25 Tom Petty            American Girl             
24 Led Zeppelin         Stairway To Heaven        
23 Rush                 The Spirit Of Radio       
22 Who                  Who Are You               
21 Van Halen            Jump                      
20 Tom Petty            Don'T Come Around Here No 
19 Rolling Stones       It'S Only Rock 'N Roll
18 Aerosmith            Dream On                  
17 Black Sabbath        Iron Man                  
16 Queen                We Will Rock You/We Are The Champ
15 Led Zeppelin         Black Dog                 
14 Ac/Dc                Highway To Hell           
13 Guns N' Roses        Sweet Child O' Mine       
12 Pink Floyd           Another Brick In The Wall 
11 Stone Temple Pilots  Interstate Love Song      
10 Van Halen            Running With The Devil    
9 Foo Fighters         Times Like These          
8 Pearl Jam            Better Man                
7 Metallica            Enter Sandman             
6 Who                  Won'T Get Fooled Again    
5 Ac/Dc                You Shook Me All Night    
4 Led Zeppelin         Rock And Roll             
3 Ozzy Osbourne        Crazy Train               
2 Nirvana              Smells Like Teen Spirit   
1 Guns N' Roses        Welcome To The Jungle     


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